Scholastic Book Fair

Tuesday, October 27th - Thursday, November 5th 2015


Reading is not only fun - but it's a key skill development for students. 


The Scholastic Book Fair is an excellent opportunity for students to increase their engagement with reading and explore new worlds. 


The theme for th Fall book fair is Monster Book Fair: Reading is So Much Fun You'll Get GOOSEBUMPS!


Join us as students discover the power and enjoyment of reading while helping support Pleasant View to enrich school resources. 


The book fair will be open during school hours, and also during Parent-Teacher Conference evenings


Book Fair Hours

Tues   Oct 27  10am-3pm

Wed   Oct 28  10am-3pm   &   4pm-8pm

Thurs Oct 29  10am-3pm

Fri       Oct 30  9am-11am (Half Day)

Tues   Nov  2  10am-3pm

Wed    Nov  3  10am-3pm   &   4pm-8pm

Thurs  Nov 4   10am-3pm