Pleasant View's 2016 DPI Report Card

Pleasant View rated 5-stars; "Significantly Exceeds Expectations"

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), produces report cards for every school in the state. For this year's reports, released November 17th, Pleasant View scored 88.7 out of a possible 100 points. That earned a rating of "Significantly Exceeds Expectations," a level attained by less than 15% of the schools in the state.  


"We are very pleased to see that the work with our students is reflected in these results with our focus on equipping students to become college and career ready through high-quality instruction in the classroom," said Pleasant View Principal Jamie Foeckler.


"While these results are a positive reflection of the academic side of our students, we also like to keep in mind that it is our goal to make sure that we are working to meet students social, emotional, and behavioral needs as well," added Foeckler. "The overall success of our students is only made possible through the efforts of our staff, parents, and volunteers who are committed to doing what is best for each of our student learners."

These DIP Accountability Report Cards include data on multiple indicators for multiple years across four Priority Areas:

Student Achievement, Student Growth, Closing Gaps, and Readiness.

Additionally, performance on three student engagement indicators is also reported:

Test Participation Rate, Absenteeism Rate, and Dropout Rate. 

For a more detailed explanation of the report card data, as well as FAQs and an Interpretive Guide, visit the DPI's Accountability Resource page