Carnival Jiffy Jars

A cool new way to package Carnival prizes for our little Panthers!


Again this year - the PV PTO will be collecting Jiffy Jars to be used as prizes at this year's Carnival. Jiffy Jars may be sent to school with your student and given to his or her homeroom teacher for collection. 


A Jiffy Jar is a non-glass container filled with fun items children would enjoy - such as candy, stickers, new small toys, school supplies, etc. 

Please note: if you use candy or other food items, they must be individually wrapped and must not contain nuts. Any food items that do not meet this criteria will not be used.  


When building your Jiffy Jar, think about your own student. If your child would be happy winning the jar you send - then you're on the right track!


Now here's a super-quick Q&A session:


Q: Do I have to use an actual jar?

A: No. Clean recycled plastic bottles, containers, or even Ziploc-style bags are fine! As long as they are clean and not glass. 


Q; Can the jar be glass?

A: No. It cannot be glass. 


At the carnival, for two (2) tickets students can pick a number and they win that Jiffy Jar.


As extra incentive, the classroom that donates the most Jiffy Jars for the Carnival will win an Ice Cream Party!!


If you have any questions, please contact Leslie Brown using the contact form on this page. 


Thank you for your support!

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