Reading Week Personal Challenge Winners


During reading week, students drew pictures or wrote essays about their goals and dreams for their future. One student from each grade was selected to receive an autographed copy of author Candy Barone's books! Younger students (K-2) received "Dream Star," while older students (3-6) were presented with "You Empowered Strong."


Congratulations to our seven winners of the Reading Week Personal Challenge!


Sam Morgese (K) - wants to be a builder with Dad

Krisha Pakala (1st) - Has goals to be a scientist

Nathan Jereb (2nd) - Has goals to be a scientist or zookeeper

Srikar Mudili (3rd) - Has goals to be an entrepreneur

Payton Ertl (4th) - Has goals to be an author or journalist

Shriya Punati (5th) - Has goals to be an oncologist

Bill Le (6th) - Has goals to be a photographer


The winners were selected from the pool of finalists - comprised of up-to three students from each grade.  


The finalists were all given the opportunity to have lunch with the author


Congratulations to all of our finalists!


Sam Morgese

Sarah Rathmann

Connor Photavaah


1st Grade

Krisha Pakala

Joshua Morris

Mona Abukhamireh



2nd Grade 

Nathan Jereb

Emily Rae Rathmann

Kayra Alp


3rd Grade

Srikar Mudili

Makenzie Jones

Benjamin Morris

4th Grade

Lily Hermann

Payton Ertl

Charlotte Lund


5th Grade 

Shriya Punati

Ellie Flemming

Abby Martin

6th Grade

Bill Le


Author Candy Barone uses themes from her book "Dream Star" to speak with students in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade on finding your "powers;" your strength and qualities that make you who you are - and how to use those powers for good. 

Author Candy Barone speaks to 3rd through 6th graders about setting goals and accountability - using topics from her book "You Empowered Strong."


Students engaged with questions and action plans they are implementing to explore career options.


Continue the conversation with your student and hear Mrs. Barone's parent seminar during Family Reading Night - Friday night, March 13th.