Dine Out for PV at Red Robin

Tuesday, March 17th


On St. Patrick's Day this year, skip the corned beef & cabbage and go for a Gourmet Burger instead! When you eat at Red Robin on S. 76th street by Southridge Mall, 10% of your pre-tax purchase amount will go to the PVPTO. 


Click here to print a flyer, which must be presented. 


This is a Win-Win.


#1) You don't have to cook. 


#2) You get to support PV. 


Do we need to go on? Because we can!


#3) You don't have to clean up!


#4) The kids get a FREE ballon!


#5) They have chocolate fruffles. Seriously - they're new. They're these fudge brownie things coated in chocolate and served with whipped cream and....yeah...you have to try some. (You see the picture, right? That's them).


The reasons are actually endless....but the Dine Out event is not. Head down to Red Robin on Tuesday March 17th and help support our Panthers!