Spring Concerts

Instrumental Band Concert - 5th & 6th Grade

Friday, May 8th - 1:30pm


The final formal concert of the school year is entitled "The Summer Countdown!" and features an array of concert band pieces as well as a large selection of rock classics and pop favorites.



The 5th Grade Band will begin with Chronicles, a triumphant concert opener. Next, they perform a strange and silly song, Creatures in the Attic, which depicts wandering thoughts of what may be lurking in that empty area between a ceiling and a roof. You will hear some very interesting sounds! They conclude the

first portion of the 5th Grade Band with the standard, Eagle Summit March.

The 6th Graders take over with Deep Purple’s classic rock hit, Smoke on the Water. Then, they perform the beautiful Civil War tribute, Aura Lea. Painting a musical picture of a storm at sea, their third selection is named The Tempest. Finally, the clarinet section is featured in Mr. Matzen’s arrangement of Sam Smith’s Grammy Award Song of the Year, “Stay With Me.”


Back to perform once again, the 5th Grade Band starts with another classic hit from a band that formed in that big city to the south. Their first tune is Chicago’s 25 or 6 to 4. Continuing, a fictional duel between a knight’s sword and a fire-breathing beast are recreated in Dragon Slayer. The Pleasant View 5th  Grade Band concludes their part of the concert with the hard driving composition, “Warp Speed.” Having studied about this song for half of the year, the 6th Graders continue with a version of Igor Stravinsky’s mood evoking, Finale from The Firebird. Music from the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, comes next in his spine-tingling megahit, Thriller. The 6th Grade Band finishes with the concert’s signature song, Europe’s recognizable blockbuster, “Final Countdown.”


Once again, the finale will involve both the Pleasant View 5th and 6th Grade Bands as we have fun performing our last song together playing Fun’s proclamation song, “We Are Young.” 


Spring General Band Concert - K, 2nd, and 4th Grade

Thursday, May 14th - 1:30pm


Since the theme of our concert is rainbows, each grade will be performing their own special rainbow song. Just like a rainbow, music brings color and joy to all our lives. It also connects us to the world around us and to each other. 


Our kindergartners will begin our performance with a special dance using colorful scarves. To tell the story of Larry the Lobster, they will be using both their singing and speaking voices, along with some fun musical instruments. The second grade students will looking towards warmer weather with their own special version of In Summer from the movie Frozen and will be performing a two-part version of the American folk song, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad. Several students in fourth grade have been spending recess time working on a beautiful glockenspiel part for the song I Can Sing a Rainbow. You’ll also hear them sing a fun song from the 1950s titled High Hopes and sing of the importance of friendship in Together, Wherever We Go. 


Audience members should enter through the west school doors, near the gym.


Doors will open for seating at 1:00 p.m.


Concert Attire: Children should wear nice clothes - no t-shirts or sweatshirts, please. Boys should wear a tie if they have one available.


Leaving After the Concert: Children may leave with their families following the finale performance. If your child will be leaving with you, please be sure to sign out on a sheet in your child’s