Staff Appreciation Week


The Pleasant View Staff

Staff Appreciation Week

Monday, May 4th - Friday, May 8th


Help us celebrate the stellar performances and inspired direction of the 52 professionals that make PV great! 


Whether your able to donate time or materials - we need your help to show how much we appreciate all the hard work of our PV staff. 


We are looking for food donations for two of the daily events. Please click the buttons below to sign up to donate one of the requested items. Please note that Red Carpet Breakfast items should be delivered to the school on Monday, May 4th, while Snack Bar items should be delivered on Wednesday, May 6th.  






You can get a head-start on Staff Appreciation Week by having your student complete a writing or drawing exercise that highlights a particular staff member.


Grades K-3 may draw a picture of a good experience they had with a staff person they wish to recognize for a job well-done. 


Grades 4-6 may write a few sentences listing the positive qualities of their chosen staff person.

Sunday, May 3rd

From 1pm-2pm, there will be a sidewalk chalk decorating event to create a festive atmosphere. 


The student sidewalk Cezannes should bring sidewalk chalk and an adult who can stay with them and help them create sidewalk magic. 


The school will not be open during this time. 


Click here to RSVP Now!!

Wed., May 6th

Craft Services (a.k.a. the snack people) is at it again! 


Staff will enjoy a menagerie of sweet and salty snacks and fruit donated by the PV parents. 


Here is a list of the remaining items still looking for a provider. 

Monday, May 4th

The Star Staff arrives to decorations and the students' notes and drawings of appreciation. 


Mr. Foeckler will provide a special luncheon. 


Information about volunteering for recess duty will be available soon. 

Friday, May 8th

Awards Day!


Each Star Staff member will ahve a chance to win one of several raffles and each will receive an Envelope (in homage to the awards shows and their drama-building "May I have the envelope please...?")


Please consider donating money or a gift card for this wonderful awards day. 

Tuesday, May 5th

A red carpet breakfast buffet will be available in the teacher workroom.


Please consider a donation as a variety of items are best: healthy, not-as-healthy, with and without gluten, nuts, and sugar, etc.  


Label all materials - and if you would like the container returned, please include student's name and classroom.


All donated items may be brought to the PV office. Please label them with your name and what day they are for.