Volunteer For the PVPTO

Where would we be without our volunteers? Probably lost in the wilderness...seeking sustenance from twigs and berries. We wouldn't be having Donuts with Dad or Mornings with Mom, and we sure wouldn't have a Carnival or a Folk Fair! 


It's only through the great work of our volunteers that this is possible. 


If you would like to help the PVPTO bring an event to life for our students, please contact us using the form below. Be sure to mention if you have a specific event you would like to volunteer for - and our event coordinator will reach out to you.  

Who Can Volunteer?


Any PTO Member in good standing may volunteer for an event. 


Volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application & Consent Form and sign a Confidentiality Statement to protect our students. 


Franklin Public Schools (FPS) policy requires these documents to be submitted every three years. 


Volunteering is limited to PTO members and volunteers will be checked against the FPS list of approved volunteers prior to events. 


Through their PTO membership, volunteers agree to a code of conduct and ethics as stated in the PTO Bylaws. Violations of this code of conduct may lead to suspension of membership. 

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